Blockchain Can Solve Political Polarization Across Social Media, Aragon Co-founder Claimed

By Warren Hayes | October 11, 2020
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Aragon co-founder Luis Cuende reportedly claimed that the DLT his firm is working on could become the appropriate solution for preventing political polarization across social media platforms, like Facebook or Twitter. 

Specifically, during the past months, content moderation practices from major social media platforms across the globe have reportedly received criticisms from the politics field. 

Aragon reportedly offers a technology stack for decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The commonly known DeFi projects that employed Aragon’s technology reportedly includes AAVE, Curve, and mStable.

The tech reportedly also established a framework supporting a virtual court, where a sum of stacked crypto is required from contestants, who will then finalize the submission to the decision of the decentralized jurors.

With features similar to a normal court system, the losing side can reportedly make appeals to the higher court (extra jurors, as for Aragon’s tech), and can ultimately move their case to what is perceived as the “Supreme Court”, in which voting is available for the whole network. 

Aragon Court is reportedly still running in its beta phase, and participants have only managed to finalized a number of basic cases up to now. 

“I think censorship is when the rules are defined by one party, moderation is when there’s a consensus on the rules. So otherwise, I think if Twitter and Facebook were actually governed by its users in some way that feels fair to everyone, then we could collectively decide on the rules. We could collectively decide on what to do and what not, and we could push that forward. And that can be implemented today, the technology is there.” Cuende further added.

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