Blockchain Company Lukkas Partners with US Behemoth Accounting Firm to Provide Crypto Taxation Software

By The Crypto Sight | April 13, 2020

Lukka – the blockchain-based tech firm specialised in tax services – has become the crypto taxation software provider to a major accounting corporation, currently ranked 5th across the US – RSM. 

Specifically, the partnership will reportedly Lukka offering its self-developed tax solutions –  ‘Lukka Crypto Office’ and ‘LukkaTax for Professionals’ – to the customers currently in the RSM database. 

Jamison Sites – RSM senior manager of international tax and blockchain/crypto – reportedly disclosed that following numerous meetings with the U.S. Treasury and IRS back in 2018-2019, the firm has initiated the task to seek for suitable partners that can offer crypto tax software.

“RSM understood that upcoming IRS guidance would require our digital asset clients to prepare a much more complicated calculation going forward.” Sites reportedly remarked regarding RSM’s talks with the US departments. 

After looking closely into the crypto tax software industry, Lukka has been selected, with the reason being it offers “scalable infrastructure” and “focus on delivering highly specialized tax capabilities unique to crypto-assets.”

RSM has in fact interacted with Lukka towards the end of 2018 when one of its customers was looking to finalize the calculation work for their $20 million equivalent of crypto transactions.

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