Blockchain Games Distributor Ultra.io Unveiled First 3 Block Producers

By Shannon Wilson | October 4, 2019
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Ultra.io – the blockchain-powered, PC-based games manufacturer – has reportedly announced the arrival of its first three block producers (BPs): Bitfinex, EOS Rio and EOS New York.

EOS BPs will be the future standard for all 3 network maintainers, while Bitfinex is also a high-profile crypto exchange firm known by many in the crypto field. 

According to the announcement on October 2, the 3 establishment will lend their hands to Ultra, in an effort to achieve optimization for its blockchain, which will consequently enable the firm the roll out its public testnet, followed by the mainnet. 

The firm strongly believed that its platform will be able to enhance the fair factor in the current gaming field, via employing “programmable and instant money, tradability of games and in-game assets” non-fungible tokens

“When considering how best to launch and support Ultra mainnet, we sought out a mix of trusted technical partners from within the EOSIO community and established corporate partners from the technology and video-games industries to work with us as block producers. Our initial technical block producers have worked with us on our chain design, development and performance. We value their trust, expertise and ongoing support.” Ultra’s CTO Michael Dunn further expressed. 

The firm further revealed that, apart from the optimizing benefit brought upon by the 3  technical BPs, they would also act as advisors for corporate recruitment. 

Along the way, Ultra guaranteed to roll out numerous other corporate BPs, which are “trusted companies outside of the crypto world.”

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