Blockchain Helps Introduce World’s First Ocean Plastics-made Fabrics Collection

By Chris Torres | September 19, 2019

Waste2Wear – a Holland-based green fabrics company – is reportedly initiating its project to turn ocean plastic waste into eco-fabrics with the help from blockchain

The collection – which is considered the first of its kind across the globe, is available for public display from Sept. 17 to Sept. 19 in Paris, France, taking place at Première Vision – a global textile convention, as reported by FashionUnited. 

Introduced for the first time on August 20, the collection was particularly built, with a primary goal to satisfy the customers’ desire to properly trace recycled materials used in fabrics. The beta version for the proprietary blockchain-based tool is officially introduced on August 22. 

As revealed by the firm, plastic waste in the seas have to come a long way before turning into a finalized textile merchandise – such process that employs different types of data tracking and storing tools. 

With the help of the new blockchain tool, Waste2Wear looks to opt out the supply chain by increasing the traceability to maximum.

A small island off the coast of Shanghai will be the “harvesting” site for the waste material. The firm partnered with officials in the area to launch programs, which enables fishermen to make a living out of “fishing” plastics. 3 tons of waste coming from these fishermen have been recorded by the firm.

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