Blockchain Program Using Real-time Notarial Tracing Functions to be Released across China Province

By Warren Hayes | June 8, 2020

Suzhou, China is reportedly looking to finalize the implementation of a blockchain-based pilot program, which enables notary features country-wide. 

Specifically, the government in Suzhou reportedly disclosed that such program has a primary target to provide assistance for millions of citizens to access legal and government offices in an Internet-based manner. 

The pilot platform – developed by the Suzhou Municipal Market Supervision Bureau and the Suzhou Municipal Bureau of Justice – will reportedly offer support in personal freedom, life, health, property rights, and more.

All related materials are reportedly kept and accessible via the cloud. Audio and video records will be made available to all notaries involved for legal purpose, consequently promoting the use of real-time tracing features. 

The new network – dubbed “Suzhou Notary Chain” – will reportedly enable access to online notarization for the administrative law enforcement unit, and will conduct the whole process via shared files on the cloud platform, anytime a dispute takes place. 

Compared to the traditional way to keep audio and video files in the database of a law enforcement division, the blockchain-powered notary services platform will reportedly offer end-to-end processing, recording to distribution, ensuring “easy data storage, high security, non-tampering, and traceability, which will improve the transparency of the administrative law enforcement.”

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