Blockchain-related Jobs Ranked 1st for Wages Paid Across UK Tech Sector

By Katelyn James | May 8, 2020

The digital lending firm Capital on Tap have reportedly revealed a report, showing that blockchain-focused work comes with the highest salary, across the UK-based tech sector. 

Specifically, an individual working a blockchain job in the UK can reportedly earn a yearly salary of GBP 75,000 average (nearly $93041 USD). The sector reportedly also offers 544 permanent jobs across the region. 

The report further disclosed that the US sealed the top spot, with the most companies recorded throughout all major disruptive technologies, and India landed the 2nd spot, followed by the UK. 

Per Capital on Top, Internet of Thing,s augmented reality and recent new upgrades in online learning have also created an impact on how educational institutions choose to approach their students. 

“Disruptive technology significantly changes the way we operate in both our professional and personal lives. It removes old habits and systems and replaces them with something more superior in accuracy, efficiency and the experience it provides. Disruptive technologies also provide a great opportunity for businesses to create an entirely new way of doing something that has never been seen before thanks to this technology.” A representative from Capital on Top further remarked. 

Previously, a study has shown that China-based salary for blockchain is on a decline, falling down approximately 37% last year. Meanwhile, the Canadian Digital Chamber of Commerce have reportedly disclosed that salary for blockchain ranked among the highest throughout the nation.

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