Blockchain Research Institute Widened Its Scope to Cover Africa, the Middle East and Korea

By Katelyn James | May 24, 2021
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The Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) has reportedly disclosed details of its initiative to widen its scope to numerous continents mid-year, via collaborating with many banks, foundations, and entities.

Specifically, the DLT-focused independent international think-tank has reportedly already set up offices throughout Europe and Brazil, and plans to set up hubs of innovation and research in new regional facilities. 

The overall target is reportedly to offer education and strategies, regarding the implementation of blockchain and different techs across business, government, and society.

The Blockchain Research Institute is reportedly putting its resources towards establishing an Africa-based branch, via a partnership with Standard Bank Group – a financial entity that makes banking and financial offerings available to  individuals, institutions, and corporations locally. The headquarters will be located in South Africa, and the supervising scope will cover every African nation, apart from Egypt and Libya, which falls under the Middle East division.

BRI Middle East is reportedly located in Qatar, and will be rolled out via an alliance established with Konnect & Co., a procurement, sourcing, supply, and application chain management firm. 

The office will reportedly oversee the majority of the area, including Syria, Lebanon, the West bank and Gaza, Jordan, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Turkey, Egypt, and Libya.

As for East Asia, its Korean branch will be functional via a partnership with the BOSAGORA Foundation, a blockchain platform dedicated to providing solutions for governance problems, occurring in decentralized organizations.

“The world is poised for a post-pandemic, economic expansion and technological renaissance and industrial disruption. Now is the time for us to help companies and governments around the world navigate the turbulent waters ahead,”

BRI Director of Communications Noah Lehman reportedly revealed that the new BRI international partners are financially supported by a syndicated membership model, where fees fund the program and research. 

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