Blockchain Service Bison Trails to Release Supporting Feature for Ethereum 2.0

By Emily Rys | July 2, 2020
Blockchain Service Bison Trails to Release Supporting Feature for Ethereum 2.0

Blockchain infrastructure-as-a-service Bison Trails has reportedly disclosed details of its supporting feature for Ethereum 2.0 – an upgrade meant for shifting from proof-of-work consensus mechanism to proof-of-stake.

Specifically, Bison Trails reportedly provides a wide array of enterprise tools, enabling interaction between clients and the Beacon Chain, ETH staking, and validators, validator clients, and beacon nodes automatic management. 

Joe Lallouz – head of Bison Trails – reportedly emphasized how important it is to finalize the adoption of Eth2 across the crypto sphere, along with the advantages it could offer, nominally new scalability options for the protocol. 

“The transition to Eth2 is incredibly important for the crypto ecosystem because it allows one of the most important and most adopted blockchains—with millions of users and tens of thousands of dApps—to introduce new scalability options for the protocol and that’s a big deal.”

Lallouz further stated that a fully-featured Participation Cluster product will also be available, offering management of their Beacon Chain and validators, from the Bison Trails platform.

“Because stake and rewards are locked up for several years on Eth2, choosing an infrastructure provider you trust is an important consideration. It is risky to change providers because transferring a validator requires sharing the private key, risking slashing.”

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