Blockchain Startup Finturi Raises $2.2m for DLT Invoices Finance Platform

By Warren Hayes | March 14, 2019
Blockchain Startup Finturi Raises $2.2m for DLT Invoices Finance Platform

Blockchain startup Finturi has reportedly won $2.2 million investment on invoice financing for blockchain businesses, which is scheduled to launch in Q3 2019, as the firm tweeted last Tuesday.

Taking into account the financial hardships faced by many entrepreneurs in the blockchain industry, Finturi is going to launch a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for invoices loan available within 24 hours and with the nuisance of trivial concern, according to Finturi CEO Johannes Brouwer.

NetSam Participaties was reportedly the host of Finturi’s beginning investment round, which apparently was its first time hosting a fundraise as well, according to Crunchbase.

A key investor from NetSam concurred that the synergy between artificial intelligence (AI) and distributed ledger technology (DLT), which Finturi possess, lays a massive potential to minimize hassles in presently financial procedures regarding costs, time frames, and security.

News outlet EU-Startups.com also highlighted Finturi’s vision to financially support businesses with invoices capital using blockchain and AI ever since its foundation, as stated in the source’s report on Mar 11. Also on March, five Japanese banks have reportedly teamed up to improve the productivity of financial operations via a DLT-based financial platform service, with the help of IBM’s expertise in the development stage.

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