Blockchain to Have Positive Impact on Three Core Sectors, Claimed Nash Co-founder

By Robin Wong | July 12, 2020

Fabio Canesin, co-founder of blockchain fintech startup Nash – reportedly believed that blockchain will bring significant development to three sectors following the health crisis – government, nonprofit, and small-to-mid-size businesses.

Specifically, when it comes to the nonprofit industry, Canesin reportedly claimed that blockchain will have the power to enable similar operations of donations, to stimulus payments. 

He further said that offering donations to organizations in a direct manner has reportedly been established as a “highly efficient way”, to make the result of the donation better. and “direct contribution to individual digital wallets could be disruptive for philanthropy.”

“Blockchain means being able to hire overseas (given the technology is borderless and allows global payments), giving anyone access to the global economy, whether they’re a small or large company.” Canesin further shared his remarks regarding blockchain’s effect on small and medium businesses. 

Discussing about the impact cryptos could have to help make world better following the recent global health crisis, Nash’s co-founder reportedly claimed that it should be taken into account cryptocurrencies’ power to offer a safe haven from mismanaged national currencies.

“People are facing withdrawal limits at ATMs and seeing their savings evaporate following spiralling inflation. Cryptocurrencies can protect against both these things. Not only do you control your assets, meaning you can never have withdrawals blocked, but most currencies have built-in protections against inflation, which are hard to change on account of their decentralized nature.”

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