Brave Rewards Allows Twitter Users to Tip Content Creators

By Warren Hayes | August 4, 2019

The privacy-focused web browser Brave has officially announced its tipping service, allowing Twitter users to tip individual content creators with its native Basic Attention Tokens (BAT).

Specifically, after users enabling Brave Rewards, they will see a new “Tip” button on Twitter posts while surfing Twitter through Brave desktop browser. Users can choose the tipping amount they wish to tip, and the recipient will receive directly. 

The firm claimed that the feature is an extension of Brave Rewards, which is also already launched on Youtube and Twitch. Tipping service will appear on other content platforms, including Reddit, GitHub, and Vimeo.

“To kick off this new feature, Brave will be allocating 100,000 BAT grants (each grant is the BAT equivalent of approximately $1) to our desktop users in regions not currently receiving Brave Ads. Grants can be received by clicking on the “accept” button in Brave Rewards,” the announcement reads.

Moreover, some additional features have been added aside tipping service. With an option to set up regularly recurring tips, users can choose to send tips on a regular monthly basis. Content creators will be provided a tip-withdrawal guidance. They can view received tips in their Brave Rewards account within minutes, with payment occurring the first week of each month.

Last but not least, users of Brave Rewards are able to earn tokens by viewing ads or through traditional purchases. 

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