Browser-based DeFi Wallet XDEFI Introduced Public Version to Rival MetaMask

By Jenny Aurora | October 13, 2021

XDEFI Wallet, a wallet service running on browsers catering to DeFi and NFT users, has reportedly rolled out its public version on the Chrome Store.

Specifically, the XDEFI Wallet – bearing some resemblances to the commonly utilized extension wallet MetaMask – offers supporting functionalities for DeFi applications, throughout numerous blockchains

Per the announcement, the browser wallet collaborates with the Ethereum (ETH) network and other Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible chains.

XDEFI Wallet – which comes with facilitating features for THORchain and Terra – reportedly has plans down its pipeline to cover Avalanche, Solana, and Arbitrum.

Émile Dubié, co-founder and current Head of XDEFI Wallet, reportedly believed in the crucial nature of cross-chain compatibility in terms of achieving enhanced utilization of Web 3.0.

“No need to switch from a wallet to another, no need to deal with several seed phrases — just use the same vehicle to access different destinations,” Dubié further remarked. 

XDEFI Wallet also introduced an “Ape Mode” that reportedly takes advantage of a proprietary gas algorithm, to enable transaction throughput for users at an accelerated speed. Per Dubié, Ape Mode will be an “indispensable edge” for DeFi and NFT users.

Taking into account the concentration on DeFi and NFTs as included within the strategic scope of the firm to rival MetaMask, XDEFI Wallet additionally offers a variety of “built for NFT” functionalities, nominally automatic in-wallet NFT detection capabilities, as well as a grid display for collectibles.

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