Burger King Added Bitcoin to Its List of Payment Options

By Tracy Hannes | September 6, 2019

A branch of the famous fast food brand Burger King in Germany has reportedly added Bitcoin (BTC) as a new means of payment in its delivery website and mobile platform. 

Specifically, customers of the fast food joint will now have the ability to use Bitcoin to pay for their meals, as it has been listed as the latest means of payment, officially on the German Burger King delivery website and its mobile application.

Nonetheless, it has yet to be clarified that Bitcoin payment would also be an option for the offline Burger King eateries, located in 600 different spots across the nation.

As revealed by Crunchbase, Burger King – which was established in 1954 and currently based in Miami, Florida – has opened its 13,000th restaurants, offering services to over 11 million on a daily basis, in 98 countries throughout the globe. The estimated income of Burger King reportedly false somewhere near $1.7 billion.

In summer 2017, Burger King in Russia also announced that Bitcoin would be added to its list of payment options. The joint later on rolled out its self-developed digital coin – dubbed Whoppercoin – in August that year. Burger King in Arnhem, Holland also used Bitcoin as a means of payment. 

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