California Giant Berry Farms Became New Member of IBM Food Trust Blockchain Tracking Network

By Jenny Aurora | May 19, 2020

California-based berry producing firm California Giant Berry Farms has reportedly become a member of the blockchain-based food tracking platform IBM Food Trust.

Specifically, California Giant has plans to adopt a blockchain solution for sharing data across all the points of its supply chain, and the partnership will enable it to use Glassbit’s Glasschain IBM Food Trust integration compliance as a service tool. 

Thomas Taggart – California Giant’s senior director of operations – reportedly revealed that the initiative to join IBM Food Trust will provide assistance for the company and its associates to look for measures that make product transportation more efficient. 

“This enables us to track food from farm to store and helps ensure it is fresh and safe when our customers buy it.” Senior director of global food safety at Walmart, Tejas Bhatt, reportedly shared his positive remarks concerning the integration. 

Blockchain immutability feature are increasingly being utilized to resolve the challenges faced in the supply chain tracking sector. The food industry reportedly expressed a high level of interest in the developments, mainly due to the importance of making sure products falling in the category met the required safety level for consuming upon being placed on the sales for purchase.

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