Canaan Rolled Out Liquid-cooled A1066I Bitcoin Miner

By Katelyn James | January 13, 2021

Canaan – an entity among the earliest Bitcoin (BTC) ASIC miners firms – has reportedly made the Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner A1066I – created to be liquid-cooled – available. 

Specifically, the A1066I’s electrical components are reportedly different from other commonly used air-cooled devices and common types of liquid cooling for enthusiast PCs, which are put in a special dielectric fluid that helps disperse heat directly from the boards. 

Dielectric fluids are reportedly particularly designed to insulate the components and steer clear from the corrosion damage and short-circuiting, which would happen when standard water or different kinds of fluids are used. 

This also has some particular distinction compared to liquid cooling based on water blocks, where a special heat exchanger isolates the water from the components.

The A1066I is reportedly a big container device having the ability to keep a maximum of 90 immersion-cooled units. Canaan reportedly shared that every unit can generate 50 terahashes for second, for a power consumption of 3,400 watts, while every tank achieves up to 7,200 TH/s and 306 kilowatts of energy usage in fully stacked status.

While Canaan claims the A1066I performs better than its air-cooled top-of-the-line A1246, the latter comes with 90 TH/s of hash rate and consumes a similar amount of energy, resulting in a performance with enhanced efficiency on paper. 

Nonetheless, the native liquid cooling functions can reportedly turn the device more appealing to a particular group of miners, especially those located in areas with warmer weather. 

Canaan is reportedly among the original ASIC manufacturing firms and the first to make a NASDAQ-listed IPO available.

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