Canada’s Central bank Moved Closer to Releasing CBDC With New Job Listing

By Tracy Hannes | October 20, 2020

The Bank of Canada is reportedly in search of an economist with prior experience of financial tech and digital currencies, which could be hints of a development of a Canadian CBDC

Specifically, the onboarded economist will reportedly be in charge of supervising and running analysis on the newest innovations associated with electronic funds and payments, finalizing project implementation, getting analytical reports ready, as well as contributing to the development of a CBDC. 

The Bank has reportedly come up with an array of required conditions the applicants need to satisfy, including but not limited to an extensive knowledge in the field of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and different major crypto platforms, along with previous interactions with traditional payment systems, such as card networks, merchant acquirers, and point of sale techs. 

The applicant is additionally required to possess experience in working with and analyzing public blockchain data and analyzing consumer survey data.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Canada, Timothy Lane, has reportedly urged central banks across the globe to finalize the issuance of their self-developed CBDC, emphasizing on the crucial factor it could play amid the ongoing global health crisis. 

Regarding setting up the foundation for a CBDC, the Bank has reportedly teamed up with the Bank of England, the U.S. Federal Reserve and the Bank of Japan, together with several others who have initiated their studies into the viability of CBDCs.

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