Cargill Develops Hyperledger Grid to Tackle Agriculture Supply Chains

By Anne W. | January 27, 2019
Cargill Develops Hyperledger Grid to Tackle Agriculture Supply Chains

Cargill – the U.S.’s largest privately held company with $114.7 billion in revenue is investing its own digital engineering resources to aid the adoption of Hyperledger Grid, the company announced on Jan 25.

Accordingly, Hyperledger Grid is described as “another way to help make food and agricultural supply chains more inclusive”. It reportedly offers a new solution for global food by using blockchain technology with supply-chain use cases including food safety, trade settlement and more.

“With our wide set of food and agricultural supply chain data, Cargill is leading the industry to work together and improve traceability, trade, food safety, nutrition, farmer livelihoods and more”, said Keith Narr, vice president of Cargill Digital Labs.

“Everyone should have access to the best thinking and digital solutions available, and Hyperledger Grid is a key first step in bringing that vision to reality”, Narr added.

Hyperledger is a collaboration hosted by the Linux Foundation and includes IT giants the likes of IBM, SUP, Intel, and financial institutions JP Morgan and Deutsche Börse, according to Cointelegraph.

Other big names that have allegedly supported Hyperledger Grid are Bitwise IO and Intel, whose visions are also to seek advantages for food and agriculture supply chains.

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