Carrefour & Nestlé Used IBM-developed Blockchain For Infant Formula Tracking Solution

By Jenny Aurora | November 17, 2019

FMCG heavyweights Carrefour and Nestlé have reportedly decided to choose Food Trust blockchain – developed by IBM – as a tracking solution for milk-based formula for infants. 

Specifically, upon the utilization of IBM blockchain network, the companies expected have their buyers believe more in the quality of its products, by making the whole supply chain of formulas produced by Laboratoires Guigoz more transparent, along with running constant examination on infant nutrition products’ origins.

Carrefour and Nestlé have both previously integrated blockchain tech into their existing systems. In April 2019, they have used blockchain tech, also designed by IBM, to enhance the tracking procedure for Mousline (an instant mashed potatoes brand) supply chain.

Carrefour has also introduced a product based on blockchain tech, dubbed Carrefour Quality Line – a type of micro-filtered full-fat milk.

Carrefour has witnessed an incline in its sales numbers, following the implemented blockchain-based solutions, in supply chain tracking for meat, milk and fruit. 

With the enhanced traceability, buyers will be able to steer clear from merchandise that is filled with genetically modified organisms, antibiotics, and pesticides.

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