CasperLabs Rolled Out First “Provably Live and Secured” Ether POS Protocol “Highway”

By Chris Torres | November 4, 2019

Ether development company CasperLabs has uncovered the mysteries surrounding its new project “Highway” – allegedly first-of-its-kind, provably live and secured correct-by-construction Casper Proof of Stake (PoS) protocol.

Specifically, a protocol is determined “safe”, and “live” only if 2 conditions are satisfied: the generated decisions are on a consistent pattern, and those decisions are guaranteed. 

CasperLabs believed that both of the stated requirements can be found in their latest implementation, and their presence in Highway is “provable”. The team at CasperLabs also produced a thorough analysis paper explaining the details of the project. 

Casper is the name granted to Ethereum’s PoS protocol developed by the firm, and specifically, this latest project will be called Highway – publicly introduced in the form of an open-source software. The initial version has been rolled out in May 2018. 

CasperLabs has revealed the information concerning the implementation during the San Francisco Blockchain Week on October 31.

“By releasing CasperLabs Highway to the public via an open-source license, we hope to inspire further innovation for the benefit of all.”

At the conference, Michael Birch – lead software engineer at CasperLabs – has reportedly hosted an engineer-focused workshop, giving instructions on how to write smart contracts using the programming language Rust to use with CasperLabs.

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