Celo’s Blockchain Accelerator Project Calls For Participation to Win $25k

By Shannon Wilson | March 24, 2020

A participation invitation has been reportedly been issued by open-source project Celo, targeting all blockchain innovators, to join its CeloCamp. 

Specifically, CeloCamp is an entrepreneurial project, particularly established as an attempt to promote the potential of international financial inclusion, crypto money mass adoption and the growth of blockchain-based firms. 

The project – with its next phase publicly disclosed on March 20th – reportedly receives support from over 80 companies, venture firms, experts and individuals. CeloCamp provides assistance for the growth of decentralized tech, projects acceleration and financial backing via funding. 

An amount of $25,000 will reportedly be preserved as the award for whoever secures the first place, after the 8-week virtual boot camp, specifically built to attract teams from across the globe that are “committed to building an open financial system that creates prosperity for all.”

The “ideation phase” has been initiated since February 3, and is set to last till April 10, 2020. After this, a shortlist of 5 final contenders will be created, to compete for the $10,000 contest prize, as well as a trip to San Francisco Berlin or Buenos Aires, to meet with the Celo community and the C Labs team.

The camp stage will reportedly takes place between April 20th and June 15th this year. 

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