China Provides Regulatory Clarity For Blockchain Patent Application Guidelines

By Katelyn James | January 6, 2020

The Chinese National Intellectual Property Administration (NIPA) is reportedly set to provide regulatory clarity to the guidelines for blockchain patent applications – expected to be in effect February 1. 

Towards the end of 2019, the NIPA has introduced the updated guidelines for the patent application process, regarding cutting-edge techs, nominally blockchain, A.I, big data, along with business policies and measures. 

One significant amendment in the updated guidelines includes a method and a tool, created to achieve node-to-node communication in blockchain. 

Specifically, the method and tool aim to handle the privacy data leakage issue, when blockchain firms engage in inter-communication. 

“Before a business node in a blockchain establishes a communication connection, it can determine whether to establish a communication connection according to the CA certificate carried in the communication request and a pre-configured CA trust list. This reduces the possibility of business nodes leaking private data and improves the security of data stored in the blockchain.” The guidelines stated. 

Analysts claimed the move from NIPA is an attempt to answer the call for development of new industries, blockchain nominally, and also shows how China plans to protect its intellectual property. 

Previously, China has officially put a new law in effect, which looks to govern cryptographic password management, as the next initiative in a masterplan to prepare for the introduction of its CBDC.

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