China Released Blockchain-powered Service Network For International Access

By Warren Hayes | April 28, 2020

China’s Blockchain-based Service Network (BSN) – has been reportedly made available for use on an international scale, following a beta testing phase that lasted for half a year. 

Specifically, a meeting was held with the participation of many Chinese authoritative members and organization heads, to reveal the public release of BSN – a global infrastructure to provide blockchain projects assistance in designing and operating cost-efficient blockchain apps. 

The BSN – a joint project of China Mobile, China UnionPay, and Huobi China – reportedly also has a goal to boost the growth of smart cities and the digital economy.

The Blockchain-based Service Network has caught the attention of developers from corporations and individual ones. 

Particularly, over 2,000 members have joined the beta phase since its launch in October last year, building applications to help with public welfare charity, item traceability, and electronic invoices.

Shan Zhiguang – Blockchain Service Network Development Alliance chairman – revealed that there are at the moment 128 public nodes across the system, with 76 are China-based, 44 are being built, and the last 8 are located overseas, spanning throughout 6 continents. Towards 2020’s end, a minimum of 200 more nodes will be constructed. 

The official release of BSN will reportedly lift it from any limitations to deploying and building applications and accounting, applicable throughout the beta testing phase.

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