China’s Ant Group Rolled Out AntChain-based Digital Copyright Platform

By Robin Wong | October 24, 2020

The fintech Ant Group from China – the entity behind the potential release of the world’s potentially biggest IPO – has reportedly disclosed details of a new platform via its blockchain business. 

Specifically, Ant Group’s blockchain-focused branch – AntChain – has reportedly made a freshly-built digital copyright services platform available. It reportedly put together blockchain and AI, to offer a secured solution for original contents verification and authentication – be it video, image-based or written material.

The platform will reportedly finalize the issuance of a unique, tamper-proof digital copyright certification and notary stamp for every work its database received. 

The certifications are reportedly built to be able to be utilized for copyright infringement and tort scenarios. The firm believed that these services can help cut down up to 95%, cost-wise, for its clients, particularly the costs related to acquiring copyright registration and certification.

Furthermore, AntChain’s platform reportedly also combines digital ID and search features to enable tracking and detecting for copyright infringement, with enhanced efficiency. The upload process for around 10 million original works are being finalized, and certified daily on the new platform. 

Shanghai C.C. Music Culture – a digital music score copyright distribution network – is reportedly among the initial entities to be associated with the new platform.

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