Chinese City Applied Blockchain For Enhancing Numerous Sectors

By Chris Torres | October 31, 2020

The Chengdu government in China is reportedly looking to utilize blockchain for different use cases throughout the region, covering urban governance, cross-border trade, smart manufacturing, and agriculture.

Specifically disclosed at the 2020 Chengdu Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Fair, a total of 30 new blockchain adoption applications will reportedly be carried out, as initiatives included in the “Chengdu Blockchain Application Scenario Supply Action Plan.”

The plan will reportedly enable contributors to finalize their submission of blockchain adoption applications, for a vast array of sectors, nominally education, healthcare, financial services, and intellectual property.

The government reportedly has a target of establishing approximately  “two to three” blockchain cluster development zones, as part of this 2-year plan.

The plan additionally highlighted blockchain’s efficiency, regarding legal compliance, revealing that the authorities look to reinforce data collection, as well as to boost the “unified management, risk prevention, and control” of urban operations.

The secretary of the Party Group of the Chengdu New Economy Committee reportedly remarked that blockchain could offer benefits when utilized for the medical sector as well, particularly for electronic medical records, electronic prescription circulation, material verification, vaccine traceability, and medical data sharing purposes.

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