Chinese Volunteer Service and everiToken to Create DApp for Transparency

By Tracy Hannes | January 24, 2019
Chinese Volunteer Service and everiToken to Create DApp for Transparency

China’s non-profit volunteer service platform Zhiyuan Hui has partnered blockchain platform everiToken to develop blockchain-based volunteer tracking support built on everiToken’s public chain, everiToken has revealed in an official blog post (Jan 12).

Zhiyuan Hui is supposedly the largest volunteer services platform in the world. By the end of last year, it had more than 71 million registered users, and had provided its services to over 430,000 non-profit organizations, everiToken noted. Zhiyuan Hui volunteers clocked over 100 million service hours, which the UN’s “China Volunteer Service Economic Value Measurement Report” valued at over $500 million.  

The New System’s Benefits

everiToken added that one of the biggest challenges of running such a large platform is verifying the authenticity of volunteer hours and service. Working with Zhiyuan Hui to create a blockchain-based DApp is aimed at helping the platform prevent fraud and data tampering.

With the new DApp, institutions such as governments, enterprises, and non-profits who engage Zhiyuan Hui volunteers will be able to award “Yi Coin” to some one million volunteers a day for their service.

Volunteers can easily track their service hours, and use Yi Coin to buy goods from vending machines and convenience stores. Currently, Yi Coin can already be used to buy basic goods, like food, electronics, and hygiene products using everiToken’s everiPass.

The charity sector is beginning to notice the benefits of using distributed transparent ledgers. The Irish Red Cross, for example, is working on using blockchain in a new app to enhance the transparency of donations.

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