Coinbase Users Can Now Withdraw Bitcoin BSV to External Wallets

By Katelyn James | February 18, 2019

The largest US-based cryptocurrency transfer Coinbase has officially announced that users can withdraw Bitcoin BSV to external wallets, according to an announcement on February 14.

On November 2018, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) underwent a hard fork as it was scheduled to protocol upgrades to BCH blockchain, which was conducted twice a year. As a result of the contention, Bitcoin Cash split into two blockchains: bitcoin cash ABC (BCH) and Bitcoin BSV.

After the hard fork, Coinbase users who held BCH in their accounts have received an equal amount of BSV. The exchange did not provide the option for withdrawing Bitcoin BSV.

Until today, Coinbase has announced that users can send their BSV balance to an external wallet on the platform, then follow a guideline exchange it for another cryptocurrency or fiat if they wish to. However, BSV buying or selling services are still not available at the current time on Coinbase.

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