Coinroom Performed Exit Scam and Took off with Clients Funds

By Emily Rys | June 11, 2019
Coinroom Performed Exit Scam and Took off with Clients Funds

Coinroom – a major Poland-based crypto exchange platform – has reportedly performed an exit scam, ceasing all operations and taking off with $15,000 worth of its clients’ money.

Reported by Money.pl on May 31st, on April 2019, Coinroom customers received an email announcing about the abrupt termination of the company, and are given a 1-day period to move all their assets out of Coinroom accounts. The company claimed to have included this term in the contract previously signed with the clients, and they should reach out to Coinroom admin team to finalize their withdrawals.

Coinroom has reportedly shut down all its businesses the following day, and any user failed to withdraw their money by the given deadline all lost their funds.

The executives of Coinroom have vanished, and Tomasz Zbigniew Wiewióra – president of Coinroom – cannot be contacted by any means to give answers. A Coinroom client discovered that Wiewióra has started another company, located in Estonia, prior to the sudden departure in Poland. Coinroom customers also believed the company came into conflict with KNF – the Polish economic authority – also.

Although the final financial damage is yet to be revealed, the roughly estimated lost of Coinroom customers reached up to PLN 60,000 ($15,660).

“There are some very interesting indicators that the cryptocurrencies were taken out and moved to other exchanges a few days before the shutdown. On the blockchain, nothing disappears.” One Coinroom customer added.

Recently, The Indian police force has uncovered a cryptocurrency scam, which caused million dollars worth of financial damage in the country, that is connected to a BitConnect promoter, reported by The Crypto Sight on June 6.

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