Colorado Proposes Blockchain Study in Agriculture

By Chris Torres | March 20, 2019
Colorado Proposes Blockchain Study in Agriculture

On March 15th, Colorado official legislation portal has introduced a bipartisan bill proposing a study on blockchain technology to apply in agriculture.

The two representatives Donald Valdez and Mark Catlin, together with state senators Kerry Donovan and Don Coram, funded the House Bill 1247, which suggests the commissioner of agriculture to assemble an advisory group to study blockchain application in agricultural operations.

The bill Colorado lawmakers has also pointed out some potential cases that should be studied such as product tracking, inventory control, monitoring of in-field conditions and other maintenance tracking records.

The proposed bill further specifies blockchain researches used on data verification and certification for agriculture along with input resources tracking and ordering.

If the bill is passed, the advisory group on the applying is subject to present its findings and recommendations of direct implementation of blockchain technology for legislation by January 15th 2020. The bill is now under consideration and its status will be updated on Colorado official legislation website.

Blockchain technology is getting a positive growth in agricultural field. As The Crypto Sight reported in February, French President Emmanuel Macron has recently proposed the idea of applying blockchain technology to leverage supply chain management in the European agriculture industry.

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