ConsenSys Teamed Up With Banque de France to Work on Experiments for A Digital Euro

By Mary T. | October 29, 2020

Ethereum software company ConsenSys will reportedly be teaming up with Société Générale Forge, to work on a new project experimenting with a digital euro. 

Specifically, Société Générale Forge reportedly functions as the digital capital markets platform, built by top-tier financial services group, Société Générale Group. 

 SG Forge was reportedly a contributing member of the project generating a 100 million euro Ether-based bond as a security token previously in the beginning of last year. 

The entity reportedly focuses on developing institutional-grade models for regulated security token operations registered on the blockchain. 

Together with Accenture, Euroclear, HSBC and others, SG Forge is reportedly among the key associating firms chosen by the Banque de France, to be a part of its experimental development process, with central bank digital money.

Banque de France, Societe Generale SFH, and SG Forge jointly worked on the issuance of tokenization for a 40 million euro bond, settled with the assistance from a CBDC, as a pilot project in May this year. 

Aside from the above mentioned, ConsenSys will additionally offer its knowledge and technology for joint experiments with CBDC issuance and management, delivery versus payment and cross-ledger interoperability.

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