Consortium to Strengthen Korean Medical Tourism with Blockchain Solution

By Robin Wong | June 21, 2020

A Korea-based consortium is reportedly releasing a blockchain solution, with a target to reinforce the existing local medical tourism. 

Specifically, the new project – taking place in Busan, Korea – will be in charge by Busan Bank, reportedly has a goal to form the platform located in the second biggest city throughout the nation, population-wise. The group reportedly has a primary target to reinforce the medical tourism industry. 

The consortium reportedly Pusan National University Hospital, Dong-A University Hospital, Gosin University Gospel Hospital, Samyuk Busan Hospital, and payment brokerage company Knet Co. Ltd.

The agreement reportedly revealed that companies in the region will team up with the banking industry, particularly with Busan Bank, to release a smartphone mobile app with the name “Regional Mobile Medical Tourism Platform.”

The bank reportedly aims to re-direct all medical tourism-focused transactions to the blockchain-based app – particularly individuals planning to carry out plastic surgery and different cosmetic procedure. Currency exchange and account opening services will reportedly be employed to execute this process. 

“The Busan Bank will actively cooperate to make Busan the best medical tourism specialty district in Korea. We will play a role in revitalizing the local medical tourism business.” Bin Dae-in, Busan Bank’s executive, reportedly remarked.

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