Corazon – Brand New Hardware Wallets from Trezor & Gray

By Tracy Hannes | January 20, 2019
Corazon - Brand New Hardware Wallets from Trezor & Gray
Corazon - Brand New Hardware Wallets from Trezor & Gray

On Jan 16, the creator of TrezorSatoshilabs and mechanical artistry and design company Gray International introduced their newest luxury hardware wallets – Corazon. The wallet is available for pre-order online today and is expected to be delivered in April 2019.

What made Corazon special is its high-quality casing, which is made from aerospace-grade titanium. Even though both Corazon and T series wallets are based on the same Trezor Core firmware and come with USB connector (type C to type A) and two recovery seed cards, the fancy casing material raises the price quite a bit. While the Trezor Model T and Trezor One cost between $100 and $200, the basic gray colored titanium model Corazon price started at $695 per unit. The other two black and gold coat limited edition come with the price of $996 and $1496, respectively.

Despite the costliness, Corazon seems to live up to its price. The case is made from “grade five aerospace titanium,” the very same material used in Formula One and aeronautics. Satoshilabs also added: “With special tamper-proof design, the device is impenetrable without compromising the external integrity — Audited by security researchers and verified by the stellar track record of Trezor, the Corazon’s technology is entirely open-source to be fully transparent, in line with Trezor security philosophy.”

Corazon wallets coincide with the celebration of Bitcoin 10th birthday. Each unit starts as a solid block of titanium, then shaped into a sturdy yet lightweight hardware wallet. The limited edition models are such sophisticated work that it is impossible to be replicated by hand” says Gray’s website.

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