Craig Wright Mass-filed For Over 114 Blockchain-related Patents from 2017

By Shannon Wilson | March 20, 2019
Craig Wright Mass-filed For Over 114 Blockchain-related Patents from 2017

Craig Wright – a computer engineer and Bitcoin enthusiast who at times proclaimed himself to be the anonymous Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto – has reportedly been trying to patent a number of Blockchain-related technology. The Amsterdam-based, tech-focused web page has looked into Wright’s patent proposals and published the report on March 18th.

According to The Next Web (TNW), Craig Wright has been granted a total number of 155 patents for his Blockchain-related inventions by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) – an institution with the same power to approve patent applications like the US Patent and Trademark Office.

According to TNW, only when the WIPO has carefully examined Wright’s Blockchain inventions, finds it innovatively contributive to the society and officially approved of them will he be able to fully control the technology of his patents.

Of the 155 patent applications, 114 have the word “Blockchain” in their headlines while only 6 are associated with “cryptocurrency” and a few other mentions regarding “digital assets” and smart contracts. “Bitcoin” was entirely absent from all the patents.

A number of Blockchain experts, however, holds a strong belief that Wright is acting like a “patent troll” whose main intention for mass-apply for Blockchain-related inventions’ patents is far from using them, but rather to take money from the firms looking to utilize Blockchain tech.

“His tactics and activities have all the marks of being a patent assertion entity or what’s pejoratively known as a troll. I’m not aware of his companies having any products.” The attorney who co-chairs the Blockchain Intellectual Property Council at the U.S. Chamber of Digital Commerce Marc Kaufman claimed.

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