Crypto Assets Regulation & Compliance 2019 Held In London, UK

By Warren Hayes | January 24, 2019
Crypto Assets Regulation & Compliance 2019 Held In London, UK. Source: Shutterstock

About the event

Crypto assets regulations and compliance event is going to be held in London, UK in March 2019. This is a chance for investors from corporations, crypto startups or any cryptocurrencies enthusiasts to gain further knowledge through panel discussions on the current-existing or any surfacing regulations, policies and compliance regarding crypto and blockchain technology.

The event aims to create an environment for stakeholders to share their thoughts and knowledge in the cryptoassets ecosystem and discuss commonly debated topics such as:

  • How to leverage blockchain technologies in the banking sector, and define cryptoassets in the current market.
  • How to consider Risk & Compliance Aspects of Crypto Regulation
  • How to stay Ahead of Emerging Policy in the cryptoassets industry


Apart from the Head regulators of the European Banking Authority, the event has also managed to invite some of the great minds in the cryptocurrency world to be the speakers, including:

Ryan Radloff – Vice Chairman of CryptoUK

Kapil Dhar – Digital Business Consultant of Lloyd Banking

On Yavin – CEO of Cointelligence

David Siegel – Pillar Project

Date and Time:

March 27, 2019


London, UK

Keep up with any updated information and find tickets at the event’s official website

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