Crypto ATMs Are Installed At One Per Hour Across the Globe

By Chris Torres | November 10, 2020

Crypto ATMs are reportedly witnessing a steady growth throughout the world this year, with new machines being made available, on a 1-hour rate. 

Specifically, 7 years ago, the debut of the first-ever Bitcoin ATM across the globe reportedly happened, with the help of the Robocoin firm, establishing it in a Vancouver-based cafe. 

The machine features functions enabling Bitcoin-cash trading, the machine reportedly finalized the transaction for $10,000 equivalent in Bitcoin (BTC), on the first day. 

With 2020 closing, the estimated figure of crypto ATMs globally, enabling Bitcoin (BTC) selling and purchasing for clients, as well as different altcoins for cash is approximately 11,665 ATMs. 

This reportedly showed a significant incline in the figure of crypto ATMs, compared to the 2019 number, with estimation clocked in at 6372 machines – around 80% rise up to now. 

CoinATMRadar further showed that crypto ATMs are being installed at an average rate of 23 machines on a daily basis. 

The US reportedly saw the fastest increase in the number of crypto ATMs installed, accumulating the biggest shares of crypto ATMs throughout its area. 

The figure of crypto ATMs based in America climbed from 4,213 ATMs last year to 9242 ATMs in 2020, an over 50% surge. The US reportedly takes up approximately 79.2% of the total number of crypto ATMs  internationally.

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