Crypto Cruise ship ‘Satoshi’ to Host Crypto Firms And Nomads

By Daniel T. | October 15, 2020

Ocean Builders – a firm dedicated to crafting “floating, off-grid seapod homes” – reportedly finalized the purchase of an old Australian cruise ship to make it a place for hosting crypto firms, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads. 

Specifically, Ocean Builders COO Chad Elwartowski reportedly disclosed that the ship will function as a hub for innovation, providing a unique environment where crypto entrepreneurs are able to work and do networking. 

“We look forward to creating a hub for technology and innovation here in Panama. Our goal is to figure out how to live sustainably on the sea and chart new waters in this new frontier.”

The ‘Crypto Cruise Ship’ will reportedly take up the name “Satoshi” – the pseudonymous individual who created Bitcoin (BTC). Elwartowski reportedly disclosed that the ship will be carrying restaurants, casinos, medical services, as well as a water park. 

The Gulf of Panama – the headquarter of numerous crypto exchange firms – will reportedly be the selected location where Satoshi will anchor. BTC will be the accepted means of payment for every on-board purchase, together with the US dollar. 

The first 200 of Satoshi’s 777 cabins can reportedly be purchased in the form of an auction, taking place on the 5th and 28th of the next month, with the price for said cabins falling between $25,000 and $50,000. 

“Our idea for families with children is to buy a balcony or ocean view room for the parents and purchase a cheaper interior room across the hall for the children. We would like to think of your cabin as your bedroom while your living room is the rest of the ship.”

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