Crypto Exchange ErisX Released US-based, CFTC-regulated Ether Futures Contracts

By Quang Nguyễn | May 12, 2020
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Crypto exchange platform ErisX from Chicago has reportedly revealed the release of US-based trading facilitating feature for Ether futures to its existing clients. 

Specifically, ErisX reportedly disclosed that individual and institutional investors will be able to use the futures contracts facilitated on Ethereum (ETH)-USD, which are set to expire on a monthly and quarterly basis. 

The crypto exchange will reportedly be rolling out standardized futures contracts –  with current infrastructure stays regulatorily compliant with Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). 

Per ErisX, ETH-powered miners, speculators, hedgers, and businesses would be able to take advantage of the extra “investors, speculators, intermediaries, hedgers, miners/validators, and commercial users” as well as “more robust, liquid, and resilient markets.”

ErisX has reportedly put in resources to build the tool for a while. The CFTC has granted the crypto exchange the derivatives clearing organization license in July last year, enabling crypto-asset futures contracts trading on its derivatives market.

ErisX has made trading features for futures for digital currency products, nominally Bitcoin, available in December 2019.

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