Crypto Exchange FTX Rolled Out NFT Marketplace For Clients In America

By Katelyn James | September 7, 2021

Well-known crypto exchange platform FTX has reportedly joined the bandwagon with its freshly rolled out native NFT marketplace, following a parabolic development of the NFT ecosystem since 2021. 

Specifically, the newly released platform – available to clients in America solely – will reportedly offer support features for a wide range of activities, including minting, buying, and selling NFTs, all traded cross-chain across the Ethereum and Solana blockchains.

Via a public showcasing of the new development, FTX has reportedly rolled out a word-art style image with the simple word “Test” – which is currently having the bidding of $1,100 and a remaining time of 19 hours.

FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried reportedly shared his cautious attitude towards the fast growth of the NFT sphere via a CNBC interview. He warned that investors could be victimized by the vulnerability in a market possessing this type of dynamic nature if they have not gathered sufficient knowledge regarding the risks. 

“It could lead to just incredibly fast and giant adoption. It could also lead, frankly, to sort of a sour taste in people’s mouth if there’s a crash, and no one ever quite figured out what it was.”

FTX was one of many crypto exchange platforms that have previously established their presence across the sphere this year. Its rival Binance introduced itself-developed NFT marketplace in June, with a special “100 Creators” initiative, which sees it teaming up with football stars such as Michael Owen and Alphonso Davies, together with singer-songwriter Lewis Capaldi and artist Trevor Jones.

Crypto spot and derivatives exchange OKEx has also released an NFT hub, offering to facilitate features for minting, purchasing, and selling their NFT assets within the exchange’s native ecosystem.

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