Crypto Ushers in Something Greater Than Facebook, Says Winklevoss twins

By Shannon Wilson | March 19, 2019
Crypto Ushers in Something Greater Than Facebook, Says Winklevoss twins

The famous Winklevoss twins – Tyler and Cameron – Bitcoin (BTC) billionaires and founders of the Gemini Trust believed that Facebook entering the market is a positive sign. Aside from that, they added that Facebook’s tight-lipped project would herald something more than just social networking, stated in an interview with British newspaper The Telegraph on March 17.

In the past, the Winklevoss twins had some controversial clash with Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg, filing a lawsuit against Mark for allegedly stealing the original idea of Facebook back from when they were still at Harvard.

The court settled the case by ordering Mark to pay the Winklevoss brother $20 million in cash, and 1.2 million of the social media giant shares (more than $199 million at the time of writing).

In the interview, the conflict between them and Facebook seems to have been put aside, with Tyler saying it is “cool” that Mark is interested in joining the field and Cameron believed this action will bring “really positive”  development to the industry.

Tyler also added that transferring value over the internet is even more valuable than photo sharing: “It’s powerful. People want to connect and stuff, but if you actually pay people and things in value that is almost, like, more significant.”

At the time, nothing has been confirmed by neither Mark or the Facebook team about their “secretive” crypto project, aiming at integrating cryptocurrency payments into its messaging services, reported by The Crypto Sight on March 3rd.

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