Cybersecurity Entity Employed Unlocking Encrypted Hard Drive Carrying Bitcoin As Technical Entrance Interview

By Emily Rys | January 23, 2021

Red Balloon Security from New York is reportedly employing a process of unlocking encrypted hard drive carrying crypto, as part of its entrance technical interview available to applicants. 

Specifically, any individuals wishing to apply to the vacancy of the cybersecurity research role at Red Balloon will reportedly receive a locked hard drive containing Bitcoin. 

Applicants who reportedly possess “the skills and passion” to unlock the hard drive would have in their possession 0.1337 Bitcoin (BTC) – approximately $4,800 at the time of publication. The coins can reportedly be used for buying a ticket to New York city, where the next interview phase will be awaiting them. 

“We’re one of the few companies in the world that do this, outside of various intelligence agencies. We’re a small company, we’re looking for a very niche type of security person, and we don’t have the massive amount of human energy to waste on screening through every single resume.” Ang Cui, Head of Red Balloon, reportedly remarked. 

Cui reportedly claimed that the cybersecurity entity sent the test packages to almost all that submitted the application, but the return result for the successful rate stopped at around 1%.

“If I send out 150 to 200 pounds of hard drives [with Bitcoin], I will typically get back one human team member. It’s a worthy investment.” Cui further revealed. 

Established in 2011, the company has reportedly employed this particular measure for technical recruitment a while now, with a Twitter account reportedly claiming to have gotten the same kind of instructions to obtain Bitcoin five years earlier. 

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