Cyprus Hospital Utilized VeChain’s Thor Blockchain to Keep Record of Coronavirus Vaccination Test Result

By Emily Rys | January 14, 2021

The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus – among the nation’s top-tier private health facilities – is reportedly employing VeChain’s system to help with the storage of its COVID-19 vaccination records.

Specifically, by January 4th, the first vaccination dose for the coronavirus has reportedly been given to 100 doctors and personnel, who have also been given along a digital certificate on their E-HCert App – a VeChain’s Thor blockchain-powered e-wallet dedicated to storing lab results.

The digital certificates will reportedly be the next development towards “digital transformation of the healthcare industry via VeChainThor Blockchain,” the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus reportedly remarked. 

The VeChain Foundation reportedly also took it to Twitter to share that its tech offer authorities and individuals assurances, regarding the validity of the test results. 

The implementation of the E-HCert App was reportedly finalized at the hospital in June this year. Throughout a 3-month phase from June to August last year, a figure of over 8,000 individuals was recorded by the app, regarding the virus test result. 

In December last year, VeChain further disclosed that an additional medical institution in Cyprus – Aretaeio Hospital – completed the integration of the digital lab test wallet solution.

Across every potential use case, the firm reportedly highlighted healthcare as a sector primed for disruption due to blockchain.

The firm reportedly believed “represents the best opportunity to radically reshape the current paradigm and change the delivery of healthcare, test results, therapeutics, diagnostics as well as advance the process and security of information exchange between parties.”

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