Darknet Drug Sellers Admitted Guilty, Abandon Crypto Proceeds

By Jenny Aurora | August 9, 2019

Two individuals, base in Merced, California, have confessed to their crimes against dealing drugs and accepting digital coins in return, including Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

The US DoJ has announced the details of the case in a press release on August 6. Per the announcement, Jabari Monson has admitted his involvement in the criminal acts of conspiring to sell illegal substances, whereas Saudia Monson pleaded guilty to have failed to abide by the Travel Act. Saudia allegedly employed mail and the Internet to facilitate the distribution of the products.

According to the DoJ, the illegal substances consist of cocaine, cocaine base, methamphetamine and marijuana, via a wide array of vendors located on Dream Market – a darknet-based trading market for illegal merchandise, within the span of 6 months. The vendors are “Best Buy Meds,” “Trap Mart” and “House Of Dank.”

Assistant United States Attorneys will be handling the case, and the Monsons will be receiving their jail time starting Nov. 19. Jabari can  receive up to 40 years of jail time and a $5 million fine, and 5 years and $250,000 fine for Saudia.

The two have complied with the order to forfeit all the crypto-related processes of their operation.

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