Dash Disclosed Upgrades With Testnet Phase for Social Payment Wallet

By Jenny Aurora | January 12, 2021

Dash Core Group has reportedly disclosed details of an update for its Dash platform, together with the development of the new DashPay smartphone wallet app.

Specifically, Dash has reportedly pushed the progress of its project onto the next step – trial testnet stage. Previously in July last year, the Dash Core Group reportedly had its platform testnet in the pipeline  for the lauch prior to the year’s end. 

As included in the details, Dash reportedly revealed that the testnet environment will be bigger than Evonet five-fold – which is in the exclusive possession of the Dash Core Group.

“This is the biggest deployment of Dash Platform, and consequently, this release marks the most significant milestone in the realization of Dash’s long term vision for mainstream adoption.” Dana Alibrandi, head of product at Dash, reportedly remarked. 

As stated in the v0.17 protocol upgrades details, Dash has reportedly finalized the patching of an infinite credit minting vulnerability. The v0.17 release additionally comes with a wide range of features to enhance the supporting process for customers. 

Apart from development of its platform’s testnet, Dash further disclosed the availability of DashPay to the public alpha phase.

DashPay reportedly functions as a social crypto payments wallet with addresses that can be read by the human eyes, through the Dash Platform Name Service layer.

Despite numerous different crypto entities provide their clients with human-readable usernames for transactions within a closed wallet ecosystem, Dash has reportedly revealed that its service is native to the blockchain itself.

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