Dash Rolled Out Protocol Versioning And Additional Features

By Jenny Aurora | September 8, 2020

The Dash platform is reportedly planning to roll out protocol versioning, together with a wide range of additional upgrades to its existing system, in the most recent updates. 

Specifically, Dash has reportedly made its fourth updates available. The platform has a tendency to introduce new additional features on a 6-week basis, hence, the next update is likely to be released within October 6 and 20. 

Dash reportedly claimed it is rolling out versions of its protocol to simplify the work for developers to initiate transitioning to a testnet and mainnet. Prior to the development, developers were reportedly required to wipe data on Evonet and update their platform software with every new update. 

“While this approach is fine for early testing, it is not appropriate for testnet and mainnet. To handle different versions of data, nodes, and clients all working in coordination, DCG developers introduced versioning that allows for the smooth rollout of breaking changes without affecting user experience.” Dash reportedly remarked. 

Other new features reportedly included document binary properties, granting developers the power to define binary fields in a data contract, enhances across the Dash Platform Name Service, nominally making a default name feature available, refactoring its JavaScript library, advances in the distribution package and changes to the DAPI end points.

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