Decentraland to Roll Out Token Bridge for Polygon Transfers, Plans for Full Migration

By Chris Torres | April 10, 2021

Only one day following two DeFi heavyweights disclosed details of layer-two integrations enabled by the Polygon sidechain, a major NFT and gaming title has immediately been rolled out. 

Particularly, NFT-based digital world and video game Decentraland revealed specifics of a token bridge, offering users the ability to conduct two-way transfer of MANA tokens to Polygon. 

The development is reportedly only the initial stage in what is expected to become a noteworthily bigger migration, since the initiative looks to allow every Decentraland dApps, including their Builder and Marketplace contracts, to carry out Polygon-based transactions. 

Apart from fast settlement times, the integration will reportedly also offer free-of-charge transactions for users. 

While Polygon-based transactions often come with a fee that is only a small proportion of a cent, Decentraland claimed that they will also utilize Biconomy.io meta-transactions. This will allow users to “claim, buy, sell, and trade wearables for their avatars entirely on Polygon, with no transaction fees.”

Lastly, the integration will reportedly let users buy MANA tokens using credit and debit cards, facilitated by a Polygon integration with crypto on/off ramp Transak.

The migration is an additional successful initiative for Polygon in a race with other rivals, regarding offering scalability options to Ethereum’s chronic gas costs.

Polygon – which rebranded from Matic, previously a rival to Ethereum – has reportedly been utilizing the perks offered by other rivals not pushing hard enough in the race, nominally when rollup platform Optimism rescheduled their roll-out by three months.

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