Decentralized Browser Brave Offers BAT Tokens for Users to Watch Ads

By Warren Hayes | May 1, 2019

To support its newly launched Brave Ads, blockchain browser Brave offers users the option to get paid to watch advertising. The new development was confirmed on Brave’s website on April 24.

As stated in the announcement, users of Brave’s browser – an open-source blockchain-based browser that block ads and website trackers, now offer 70% of ad revenue shares as a reward, in the form of its newly launched cryptocurrency, basic attention tokens (BAT). Brave further make sure that they are connecting the right people together, minus the excessive costs, privacy, security, and fraud risk.

The firm also noted that it is currently working with charity-related blockchain consultancy startup The Giving Block, to provide test use cases for their charities and NPOs. The Human Rights Foundation is featured as part of the launch, where donations can be made in Brave Rewards.

“With Brave Ads, we are launching a digital ad platform that is the first to protect users’ data rights and to reward them for their attention. Brave Ads also aim to improve the economics and conversion of the online advertising industry, so that publishers and advertisers can thrive without the intermediaries that collect huge fees and that contribute to web-wide surveillance.” Brendan Eich, CEO, and co-founder of Brave Software, stated in the post.

Earlier this year,  Brave has reportedly allowed their users to use free-of-charge subscriptions to Cheddar premium content. The Cheddar website will automatically recognize the users and unlock the advanced features.

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