Decentralized Web Browser Brave Outranks Chrome, Firefox in Japan Google Play Rankings

By Shannon Wilson | September 10, 2019

The decentralized web browser Brave has overtaken other major browsers to rank 1st in Japan Google Play rankings.

Stepped into the market, Brave distinguished itself by tokenizing certain aspects of the internet browser experience for users. By watching ads and claiming grants, Brave users can earn Basic Attention Token (BAT), the native token of the browser. These tokens then can be used as tips from viewers to content creators on Reddit and Vimeo sites.

This approach has brought Brave ahead of all other browsers. Brave is now ranked at number 10, while its closest competitor Firefox sits at number 14, according to the recent data from Google Play. Reported in a Reddit post, Brave gained 2 million download last month, pushed Firefox back behind with 553,000 downloads.

To be able to achieve high ranking in Google Play, an app has to satisfy multiple key metrics such as crash rates, app-not-responding rates, excessive WiFi, location or processing in the background. 

Earlier this year,  Brave has reportedly allowed their users to use free-of-charge subscriptions to Cheddar premium content. The Cheddar website will automatically recognize the users and unlock the advanced features.

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