DeCurret Tests Blockchain-based, Crypto-enabled Support For Real-world Transactions

By Jenny Aurora | February 19, 2020

KDDI – major Japan-based telecom services provider – has reportedly entered a collaboration with crypto exchange platform DeCurret, to jointly work on a new blockchain-based crypto project. 

Announced on February 18th, the 2 Japanese companies, together with the assistance from au Financial Holdings and WebMoney, will initiate the testing phase for a blockchain-enabled cryptocurrency, which will support real-life transactions. 

As a part of the joint testing, KDDI will work with WebMoney on the issuance and distribution tasks of this new cryptocurrency, while au Financial Holdings will be in charge of the management for this project. 

DeCurret will be the key contributor for the joint project, via building the suitable platform that facilitates the issuance and management of the crypto coin. 

The joint testing, which will last within a 10-day time range (Feb 18th to Feb 28th), is one of DeCurret’s attempts to expand the existing offerings on its system. For this particular project, the platform will run testing for its capability of facilitating crypto-enabled payment options for real-world transactions, such as purchases at a coffee shop.

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