DeFi Aggregator Zerion Secured $8.2M Dedicated to Widen Operation Scope

By Robin Wong | July 8, 2021
“DeFi Has a Huge Opportunity to Grow”, Claimed HyperChain Capital CEO

Ether-powered DeFi aggregator Zerion has reportedly successfully obtained $8.2 million via Series A fundraising, to expand operation scope. 

Specifically, the fundraising reportedly witnessed the participation of Mosaic Ventures – which led the round – as well as Placeholder, Digital Currency Group, and Blockchain.com Ventures, among others.

As included within the scope of the funding round, Mosaic co-founder and partner, Toby Coppel, and venture partner at Placeholder, Brad Burnham will become a part of Zerion’s board of directors. 

The firm has successfully acquired a total amount of $10.2 million, adding to its previous $2 million in a seed round in December two years ago. 

Zerion reportedly expected that the freshly acquired fund will facilitate the increase of its user base, to rise from approximately 200,000 to over seven figures. The project has goals to expand the scope of its team from 18 to 25 prior to 2022, as well as conducting revamping work for its trading interface and portfolio tracking feature.

Zerion is reportedly having plans down its pipeline to roll out support for different well-known blockchain sand layer-twos, which possess a sufficient level of popularity throughout DeFi users, during the third quarter. Estimations from the team suggested that nine is the average figure for its customers’ day-to-day app opening attempts. 

The non-custodial aggregation platform reportedly establishes access gateways to over 60 Ether-powered protocols, nominally Aave, Yearn.finance, and Curve. Zerion carried out the processing for over $600 million equivalent of volume this year so far, with median trade of $1,000.

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