DeFi Platforms Zapper And Aave Disclosed Details Of Polygon Sidechain Integrations

By Tracy Hannes | April 13, 2021

Layer-two sidechain Polygon has reportedly finalized the integration of two DeFi powerhouses, amid when all eyes are on scalability due to high gas fees, with numerous platforms look to be Ether’s DeFi’s preferred home.

Specifically, Both lending protocol Aave and portfolio management and batched transaction platform Zapper have reportedly disclosed their initiatives to provide Polygon-based implementations. 

Aave will reportedly be releasing a trimmed-down fork of its money market, with seven default-added assets for users to carry out borrowing and lending, whereas Zapper will roll out Ethereum-to-Polygon transfers, as a first initiative to achieve cross-chain “zaps” – its definition of multi transaction, single-click deposits and withdrawals.

Polygon – recently rebranded from one-time Ethereum rival Matic – reportedly allows for noteworthy rise in throughput, together with a reduced cost, in comparison with Ethereum. 

Numerous DeFi initiatives have reportedly disclosed they will be migrating to the chains, and native DeFi platforms are looking to capture significant amounts of overall value locked. 

Aave founder Stani Kulechov reportedly claimed that by bringing down the fee, an enhanced level of “inclusivity” will be brought to the platform, Aave’s announcement blog post disclosed that the platform is shifting its concentration towards scalability, in an attempt to offer services to users, who do not have more than a few hundred dollars available. 

This will reportedly also function as the first to be followed by numerous additional implementations of Aave on a wide array of layer-two platforms. 

Zapper, meanwhile, reportedly revealed that this integration will be the first of numerous sidechain, rollup and Ethereum-alternative integrations, with coverage coming for xDai, Arbitrum, Optimism and Binance Smart Chain, among others.


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