DeFi Privacy Initiative Panther Secured $22M Via 1.5-hour Public Sale

By Shannon Wilson | December 1, 2021
“DeFi Has a Huge Opportunity to Grow”, Claimed HyperChain Capital CEO

Panther Protocol, a privacy-enhancing tech provider catering to the DeFi sector – has reportedly finalized its public sale to further the development of privacy solutions for DeFi and Web 3.0.

Specifically, Panter reportedly disclosed details regarding its successfully secured $22 million in the recently closed public sale of ZKP tokens, helping the overall obtained capital to reach $32 million.

Beginning November 25th, the Panther Protocol public sale has reportedly concluded with a success status within 90 minutes, as revealed by the Panther initiative. 

Rolled out in the 3rd quarter of last year, the Panther Protocol is developed via utilizing zk-SNARKs, a new form of zero-knowledge cryptography implemented for well-known privacy-centric crypto coins, nominally Zcash (ZEC). 

The acronym “zk-SNARK” is reportedly short for “Zero-Knowledge Succinct Non-Interactive Argument of Knowledge”, which is used to talk about an occurrence in which an individual has the ability to provide evidence of possession of particular data, at no need of disclosing said data.

Developed across numerous blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Flare, Near and Avalanche, Panther is reportedly building an interoperable privacy layer for DeFi and Web 3.0, via utilizing zAssets, 1:1 backed representations of the underlying assets, equipping users with the advantages of private transactions in the new asset type.

As shared by Panter earlier on, the protocol’s public sale involved 5% of the overall ZKP supply with “varying unlocking schedules.” Fifteen percent of the entire supply was sold through pre-seed, seed and three subsequent private sale rounds. 

“Button did not work but everything else when you send your details ID and pictures works well through your mobile phone. So where is the justice now when we wait in line, register KYC and all that things and now we have no chance to buy it! pic.twitter.com/b4IWR42eMk”.

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